Monday, March 22, 2010

The Compendium Daily - 10.03.12

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FASHION Magazine video - 10.03.22

The Katie Girls - 10.03.20

Toronto Fashion Week One and a Half

By Randi Bergman

Fashion Week in Toronto is one helluva disjointed thing this season, with designers showing over the course of three weeks and 'official' (read: shitty for the most part) LG Fashion Week happening over a few days next week. Here are a few things to write home about so far:

Philip Sparks kicked it all off with a brilliant Moby Dick themed presentation. Brawned-up babes posed alongside an indoor loading dock-like structure of wooden carts, ladders and rope in everything from navy double breasted peacoats to simple sweaters. I'm assuming models weren't supposed to look at you... so obviously that was my mission of the night. That, and sipping on pink gin with berries.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Souls of my Shoes - 10.03.13

By Kimberly Lyn

Sometimes the most thoughtful fashion shows I’ve attended are those with a simple presentation which let the clothes - not flashy catwalk spectacles - speak for themselves. Those that stand out in my mind are Jessica Jensen’s spring/summer 2010 collection and now Philip Sparks’ fall/winter 2010 show.

Sparks posted several preview videos on his blog in the lead up to showing his latest menswear collection, giving a behind-the-scenes look into his design process. For fall/winter 2010, he used Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick as the source for his inspiration.

Keeping in line with the sea-faring theme of Moby-Dick, Sparks presented his collection to a packed Toronto audience on Thursday using industrial fixtures, wooden crates and heavy ropes as props to set the stage for the show. Models were outfitted in double breasted jackets, suits and vests in black, navy blue and grey. All the pieces are very well made, superbly cut and looked like it could stand up to the North Atlantic’s sea salt air and its fierce cold winds.

One piece in particular that caught my immediate attention was a grey two-piece suit made out of wool with black piping on its lapels and pockets, accessorized with a Hamilton Watch and a pair of goggle style glasses.

This collection shows Sparks’ continual ability to develop, rework and refine concepts into clothing that is timeless and can be worn by the everyday man. His eye for detail and commitment to telling a story through his craft is outstanding and continues to impress the media, buyers and his admirers season after season.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring arrivals

The spring collection has arrived! E-mail for a retailer near you or shop online at

Thursday, March 18, 2010 10.03.12

Toronto: Philip Sparks gets nautical at his Fall 2010 show.

Joe Is The New Black 10.03.12

Fall 2010 Backstage

Philip being interview by Fashion Television in the Burroughes Building's freight elevator.

Cat puts on Sam's fisherman's cap.

Damien wearing this season's new bag, the leather Whaler.

Carlton and Daniel.

Fitting footwear.

Taras shows off his Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim watch.

Josh and David.

One last photo op with our models.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Globe and Mail 10.03.13

Eye Weekly 10.03.23

by Sarah Nicole Prickett

“What time is it?” asked a panicked and anorak’d boy at the Philip Sparks
Fall 2010 presentation last Thursday (March 11) at The Burroughes Building. It was standing-room only, as presentations are, funnily discomfiting the usuals who only go to fashion shows in the belief that being seated means being seen. I glanced at my two watches, neither of which have worked since the early 90s, and guessed: 6:10?

“When will the show start?”


“You said it was 10 after, right? And it was supposed to start at six.”

I experienced a rare, disturbing moment of total incomprehension. Then, somehow, words came out: “Oh, honey,” I think I said. “Is this your first time?”

And in the next moment, the show began, early by my time. No fanfare, just seafaring, as ship-shape models shambled about the rigging. Sparks, apparently the only man alive to have actually read
Moby Dick all the way through, spun Melvillian inspiration into his halest outerwear and sharpest suiting yet, all in a navy and oil-slick palette.

First time or fifth, there’s an ancestral familiarity in the Philip Sparks aesthetic — didn’t your grandfather have trousers just like that? And wouldn’t they look good on your indie-kid brother? Nautical themes are tired, but his feels true. And even when he conjures up salty old men, the cut of his jib — as evidenced in the shawl-like collar on one peacoat, or the envelope pocket on another — is thoroughly modern. A high-minded utilitarianism has won out over dandyness; though waistcoats and lean trousers remain, cleverly placed cargo pockets and long johns look cooler. Sparks makes cashmere look rugged and canvas look rich.

After the show, I delivered congrats to the designer’s first mate,
NOW fashion writer Andrew Sardone. Great show. And so nearly on time! And this time, I mean real fashion time: Mode a Paris just ended, and trade shows continue. (Sparks has already showed his stuff at Rendezvous in New York.) Just too bad our official, LG-sponsored fashion week is later than ever this season; it won’t start till March 28th (and, yes, that’s a Sabbath).

It’ll be a long two weeks of this stuff, Sardone. But then he shrugged, “I’m just glad we’re first.”

Aha. Perhaps Mr. Sparks wanted to send out a genteel reminder that he is still — despite the new proliferation of designers-for-dudes in these waters — the first captain of Canadian menswear. What can I say but aye, aye?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fall 2010 Guests

Sarah-Nicole Prickett and the National Post’s Nathalie Atkinson.

IWantIGot’s Anita Clarke and FLARE’s Mosha Lundstrom Halbert.

RockIt’s Matt Austin with the Globe and Mail’s Amy Verner and Tiyana Grulovic.

The Souls of My Shoes’ Kimberly Lyn with Balisi’s Jeff Roglic and Rehlee Balisi.

Wallace Media’s Doug Wallace.’s Carley Fortune with FASHION Magazine’s Jennifer Campbell.

H&M’s Karen Richter and Patrick Tackney.

Marlene Shiff with Plaid Magazine’s Odessa Paloma Parker and Rebecca Spiece.

The Globe and Mail’s Laura Serra, Holt Renfrew’s Paul Smith and Dimitri Kovachis.

Designer Evan Biddell.

The Fashion Design Council of Canada’s Robin Kay and Carolyn Quinn.

MuchMusic’s Jesse Giddings.

Danielle Hitchcock, writer Fraser Abe and designer David Chang.

Fall 2010 Sponsors

The Fall 2010 installation space on the 6th floor of the Burroughes Building.

Hamilton helped our models time how long they had to stand still during the presentation.

Cromwell & Cruthers previewed their rebranded shaving oil and ad campaign featuring the Philip Sparks spring 2010 collection.

Pouring Hendrick's cocktails.

Our Elmer Olsen model line up.

Philip and the winner of's fashion show contest.

The Brill team smiling because there was no seating to organize this season.

We worked with Smash on our Moby Dick set.

Shoes in collaboration with Town Shoes.

Hair and makeup by Donato.

Fiji water has been sponsoring Philip Sparks since our very first season.

Petals worked with the collection's dark colour palette for their flowers.

We previewed Karl Richter's video of the Fall 2010 collection. Look for it to debut on the main Philip Sparks site later this summer.

Sunday, March 14, 2010